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sga - ronon close up

kedawen in sgboys_daily


I watched this episode today, and wanted to share. I really like Cam, and love the episodes focusing on him. He really never gives up and he just seems to care about everyone. It sounds like Ben Browder did a lot of the stunt work himself, too.



Head tilt of DOOM!





Ben's been doing a lot of his own stunts for years and enjoys doing them.

I love Cam and Ben, as well!
I guess I never thought much about the stunts on the show! I just saw a note about this ep on GateWorld. That's really cool.

After getting Stargate out of my system this time around I'm planning on watching Farscape and finishing that series. I didn't get to finish when I started watching so many years ago, don't remember why... I love Ben and Claudia in that show!
I'm a Scaper tried and true. I was glued to the tv during every episode and the mini series. I adore Ben and everything he's in.